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Pre School Room

The Pre-School room
is divided into different educational areas, we have followed the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (Ecers), which looks at the quality of the environment and the quality of resources which we have on offer for the children.

The pre-school room is a dedicated learning environment with extended learning through play which is all planned around what the children enjoy doing. As in preparation for school, where they will reach their Early Learning Goals, the children are offered a range of activities including letters and sounds activities, messy play, art and craft activities, sand and water play and simple baking which all encourage and provide the support for their school readiness, whilst still remembering to enjoy what they are doing.

We understand that the decision to leave your child in the care of others is a major one and we would welcome you to call in on us at any time to have a look around.

Avon nursery Evesham
Avon nursery Evesham

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